Getting on by getting off ? Creative process as a path

flower copy

Starting something new is challenging.  I came across this quote by Michael Edwards, the late Jungian analyst, Professor and art therapist:

“Sometimes we know that we don’t stand a chance of getting into something until we have managed to get out of something else […] it is often finding the way in which sets new energies free.  A scary confrontation.  When entry into a creative situation feels daunting it is usually because we don’t know what gifts the unconscious will bring us.” (from Ornithology for the Birds, Insider Art (Publishing), 2010)

Maybe sometimes just knowing there’s a way out is what allows us to stay with creative process?

2 thoughts on “Getting on by getting off ? Creative process as a path

    1. Hi John
      Yes, Creativity involves risking the unknown. As a Creative Art therapist working with individuals and groups I encourage “constructive” and safe chaos by establishing a strong frame which holds and contains creative process.
      As a visual artist, experimentation and risk are essential to my own process. Thanks for the link!


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