Award winning illustrator, visual artist/educator, creative/expressive arts therapist and creativity development specialist.

“Her signature work employs processes such as carving, molding, etching, scratching, wrapping, sculpted embossing, encaustics, image transfer and stitching work in tandem with a diverse range of materials from handmade paper and woven fabric to distressed wood, found metal and glass. Susan’s sensitive and almost poetic use of materials and processes communicate to us on many levels. Beyond their elicit texture and three-dimensional depth, Leopold’s sculptural works tease the boundaries of space to establish multiple layers of meaning. They transcend their physical presence to establish a direct sensory connection with the viewer. If you love working with materials and unique processes, you will fall in love with Susan’s work, as I have”

Lisa L. Cyr, author of Art Revolution, available at Amazon.com

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